Online Magazine, websites, and blogs that publish short stories

Sometimes back someone describes stealing a gun from a police station was easier than getting published in Kenya. I don’t think is true for now, because of charging technology, where even traditional…

Source: Online Magazine, websites, and blogs that publish short stories

Online Magazine, websites, and blogs that publish short stories

Sometimes back someone describe stealing a gun from a police station was easier than getting published in Kenya. I don’t think is true for now, because of charging technology, where even traditional publishers are trying to copy up with new publish trends and technology. To me the problem is where to send your scripts for publishing consideration. I have made this post for specifically for short story authors and poets.

There are publishers outside there who want to publish a well written story, entertaining story, informing story, and educating story. As an author for short stories, visit website of the publisher, read the stories they have published before, compare the stories with what you write, or write to the standard they publish, and then submit your story for publishing consideration.  I do not publish link of magazine website here; just type name of the magazine on Google search, it leads you to the magazine link for details.

The Threepenny Review

It is quarterly arts publication. It focuses on literature, memoir, arts, society, and essay. They publish Short stories not exceeding 4000 words. They have what they term as “table talk” items. Here they accept a piece of 1000 words or below.  This can be a piece one humorous musings on culture, art, society, politics or lifestyle.  The Threepenny Review is paying $400 per short story, and the same amount for an article.  For a poem or Table Talk piece, they pay $200. The payment buys first serial rights in print and digital editions, and the copyright is then reverts to the author immediately upon publication as per The ThreePenny Review website.


One Story publishes literary fiction. They only accept stories of about 3000 words minimum and 8000 words maximum. These stories can be any style and on any theme, but they have to be good and readable stories. What they are looking for is stories that leave readers feeling satisfied. That means must leaves the  reader feeling strong and benefited a lot from reading it. One story pays $500 and 25 Contributors Copies, for First Serial North American Rights. According to one story website all rights will revert to the author upon publication. They only accept online submission and you have to sign up an account with OneStory. From that account check your submission status. When it appears “Received” then it has been accepted.

Boulevard Magazine

Boulevard Magazine accepts prose pieces from new and unpublished writers with exceptional promise in their work. They receive fiction and nonfiction up to 8000 words. It is important to note that they don’t receive science fiction, horror, erotica, romance or children’s stories. They charge submission fee of $3. They do conduct contest and they pay $1500 for a winning story. They accept only online submission. It is open for submission from 1st of October to 1st of May. Their pay rate range from $100 to $300 for every story they published, but still receive $1500 if your story wins in the contest.

Camera Obscura

It is a biannual independent literary journal. They publish contemporary literary fiction and photography. They seek pieces of 250 words to 8000 words, their editors s have recently allowed exceptional novella of about  12000  words  to 30000 words. You can also earn from reviewing a photo currently on the gallery. For submission Deadline, be checked the guidelines page to find out when the next deadline is announced. Payment: $1000 for one featured writer published in each issue, and all other contributors receive two copies of the issue in which they are published. The best Bridge the Gap piece, photo review receives $50. So be ready to compete.

The Sun Magazine

Submission is open and The Sun Magazine offers the biggest payments compared to other magazine.  They are open to anything but emphasize specifically on personal writing, interviews, poetry, provocative political and cultural pieces. They are seeking for work that runs no more 7000 words. Submit something you think their editors would love, and you could get a nice payday.

Payment: A one-year subscription plus $300 to $2000 nonfiction, or $300 to $1500 fiction.  For poetry $100 to $200 and submission is online only.

 Virginia Quarterly (VQR)

A wide-ranging publication that features both established and upcoming writers and VQR accepts short story fiction 2000 to 8000 words, but they do not receive pieces of genre like romance and science fiction.  For nonfiction they accept from 3500 to 9000 words. This includes travel essays that talk the world around us. Deadline: Submission periods are normally from June 15 to July 31, and October 1 to November 15. VQR accepts nonfiction pitches from June 15 to December 1.

Payment: They pay $1000 and above for short fiction and prose approximately 25 cents per word and higher rates for investigative reports $100 to $200 content published online.





8 Online Magazines That Pay Freelancers Up To $1000 per A Feature Article

To earn from writing is hard work. For one to be noticed by publishers, in this digital age, every author has to have a platform, where publishers can check how they are performing. Before a publisher

Source: 8 Online Magazines That Pay Freelancers Up To $1000 per A Feature Article

8 Online Magazines That Pay Freelancers Up To $1000 per A Feature Article

To earn from writing is hard work. For one to be notice by publishers, in this digital age, every author has to have a platform, where publisher can check how they are performing. Before a publisher considers your work for publishing, he or she has first to establish your past, as an author, have been published? Just like employer, do you have work experience?  The publisher has to find out, if you have been published before, won an award, have a large following on social media, or have a following your personal blog. That is why I always start by advising every writer to start a blog, have your mug shot that blog, and whenever you submit a query letter, especially online do not forget to send a link of your blog. You can make money from your blog as market yourself as well.

Below is a list of high paying online magazines, which I think are help for you as a freelancer.

High Times

 If you write about counter-culture, marijuana cultivation, entertainment and travel feature articles, then High Times is where to send your work. They are looking for work of art, illustrations, and classical photographs and interviews pieces. You can reach them by emailing through their editor. Work length is from 1500 words to 2000 words and news articles are up to 500 words. They do not accept unsolicited articles, so a query letter to the editor first. They pay $50-$400 per photo they uses for the publication. For Rates they pay $100-$500 depending on size, and length of content. Payment for feature is $500 to $1000 and they publish both in print and online. For more about High Times go through their submission guidelines.

The Gay & Lesbian Review

It is a bimonthly magazine for GLBT, men and women and publishes essays, movie reviews, book reviews, and plays. Their Payment is a flat fee of $100. Submission to them is through email, though hard copy is also acceptable. They have published the theme they want for website. Feature articles can be up to 2000 words. For details on what they publish, go to their website, read their submission guideline.

The Nation

The nation is a liberal political magazine publishes political commentary covering national, and international affairs as well as articles. They publish in both print and online. They have a dedicated readership, and they enjoy a supporter of 30,000 donors. They pay up to $150 for commentary and for articles from $350 to $500. They accept submissions of art as well as poetry.  For more how submit you to the nation, go through their submission guideline.


They publish fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Narrative is dedicated to advancing literary arts in the digital age. They do this by supporting the finest writing talent and encouraging readership across generations in schools, and around the globe as per their website. Narrative online library of new literature by celebrated authors, and by the best new and emerging writers is available to read for free. They accept only online submission. Before you submit your work, you are advised to read their publication online for free. They give varies rates for example a six-word-story is $50 , an  istory , a poem is $100, and winning a contest up to  $4000, but they charge a reading fee  which also various just as their varied payment. It is the only a read fee charging publisher, I can recommend because you will not regret paying.

 Life in a Kilt Magazine

This is the best magazine for writers who write about lifestyle. They publish about kilt-wearing. This may include profiles of people who wear kilts, How-To, Human Interest, Humor, News Analysis, Essays,
Guides, Arts & Entertainment, Style history and events. Payment is from $50 to $375 per feature and articles, depending on length, quality or accompanied by a photo or illustration. They want first a query letter through email. For more about Life in a Kilt Magazine, go through their submission guide.


It is a quarterly publication. It covers issues that threaten the American West, its people, lands, and wildlife. It features rural families, the critters and country. The length of articles is 500 words to 650 words. They are serious about checking facts and spellings. It to offers tough talk, real people and amazing photos for national resources for example the American cowboy. Payment is from $50-$400 for every article used. They will response in (6-8 weeks) for more read their submission guideline.


It is a premier magazine of luxe country-life. They publish profiles prominent people living an equestrian, profile unique homes, lifestyle, farms, ranches, and articles on travel, home design and style, culture, and eating. EQ welcomes submission of articles for all categories; fiction and essays. Word length: (1200-3000) words for features and (350-550) words for departments.  Payment is $100 for departments and $200 to $300 for features. To learn more, read their submission guidelines.

Russian Life magazine

It is a bimonthly publication. It covers all aspects of Russian culture, travel and history. Features are generally free-lanced and they are looking for writers, to send queries for features or for a small number of other departments. They have not specified their pay rate but it reported to be from $100 to $300 per article they use. For more go through their submission guidelines.

8 World Class Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts

For authors of novels, science fiction, fantasy, and romance, publisher listed below are partners or imprint of the world well-known big five publishers worldwide. A deal with them is a boost in a life of an author or as a writer. The big 5 includes Macmillan, Hachette, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster. You must have read a book by these great publishers, and you must feel the quality of the books, from content to paper quality.  It may seem you need an agent to deal them but not true.  Go to their website by typing name on to Google search, and then go to website read what they want and submit your work will be surprised to get a response from them.

Dial Books for Young Readers

They publish hardcover books for children of all ages. This includes books for young adults. Dial Books for Young Readers, is an imprint of Penguin. They accept unsolicited submissions and query letters from agent and authors as well, but do not respond to unsolicited submissions unless they are interested in the book, which tells you that they have enough slush pile submission.

Wondering what is slush pile? Worry not here it is explained; In publishing industry, the slush pile is the set of unsolicited query letters or manuscripts sent either directly to the publisher or literary agent by authors, or to the publisher by an agent not known to the publisher

In case you don’t hear from them, just understand that your piece hasn’t attracted their interest, and you try sending your manuscript somewhere else. Before you make a submission, read first their submission guidelines.

Witness Impulse

They are friendly to new author s. They accept online submission. The link is very easy for author to follow submitting their work.  It is a digital first imprint of Harper Collins. Publish mystery novels, including digital editions by most famous mystery writers of all time, for example, Author Agatha Christie. If you ever read her, then you know exactly what they publish. They also publish upcoming new authors. They publish both digital and print edition. They want a synopsis and the best seen first, and they publish a manuscript of about 10,000 to 75,000 words or above. For more read on the submission guidelines as well as their books on the website.

Love swept and Flirt

They are Random House’s digital-only imprints. It is only focused on romance and women’s fiction books. Most readers are reading eBooks   and they are seeking to partner with the most forward-thinking and up-and-coming authors, and to introduce them to an avid new audience of digital readers community.

The receive queries online submission of 40,000 words or more, in contemporary romance, erotica, paranormal romance, historical romance, women’s fiction, and new adult, though  no strict word count limits for submissions. But work must be at least forty thousand words in length.

They require no agent, they deal directly with authors. If your book does well as an eBook they will consider publishing a print version of it at a later date. The good thing about publishing digitally with Random House is that your book still gets the same serious consideration in terms of editing, marketing, distribution and design. For more visit their website and read their submission guideline.

Forever Yours

Forever is a romance imprint of Grand Central publishing, and, it is the imprint of the Hachette Book Group. It is the digital sister of Forever.  They focus on publishing established and upcoming authors, and they need no agent. Often publish authors not published before.

They publish eBooks; they can also publish print on demand but the book has to be 50,000 words or more in length. The response in 6-8 weeks and give an offer of 25 percent royalties, and receive but  accepts romance submissions from all subgenres,  for example contemporary, romance, new adult,  romantic suspense, western, category romance stories,  inspirational, historical, erotica , paranormal, and  time-travel. They receive in queries through email, a detailed synopsis of novel and a complete manuscript formatted in to a RFT file. They publish novellas, and shortest work they publish is 12000 words and the long about 100,000 words.

To submit to them, send them an email that includes a query letter, a detailed synopsis of your novel, and your completed manuscript formatted to be a RTF file. They accept novellas as well as novels. The shortest works they publish are 12,000 words; the longest are 100,000 according to their submission guidelines. For more read their submission guidelines. They have a larger chain of distributorship and market.


Harlequin has many divisions. Each division focuses on different subgenres in romance. It might take you sometimes to figure out what is the best fit for your manuscript.  These several division are open to different heat levels,  in the context of romance novels, heat level  is a scale that measures the amount of romantic or sexual details allowed in a  particular division  of  book.

Submission process is generally user friendly. One has to create an account. That account can be used to submit your work to any of their divisions. Once you have created an account you fill out an online form and upload a synopsis, and a manuscript. In case your manuscript is rejected from one division you are always at liberty to submit it to another division, this is now where the heat level make sense.

Avon Romance

Avon Romance is an imprint of HarperCollins. It focuses on romance.   Avon Impulse digital is first imprint.  They publish new authors. If your book makes good digital sales, and it must be over 25,000 words in length, then it will receive a print run, and receive good marketing and   distribution. A book that receives a print run is officially published by Avon Romance for the print edition, and not Impulse. Avon Romance tries to publish   books every month.

They are interested in publishing books that fall into the following categories: romantic suspense, super sexy, contemporaries, trilogies and historical Romance with hooks. They have well experienced editors and marketers, to help authors out.  They give a lot of personalized feedback and support. Avon Impulse really is publishing e-books that sell well, and they are advanced in terms of online marketing. They emphasize on promotion of books, and authors they have accepted to publish. They do not offer advances for most books, but royalties begin as low as 25 percent, up to 50 percent after a sale of about 10,000 copies are sold. Extremely generous!

To submit your work, you have to use an online form. No specific editor to submit your work.  They just need a readable work, no specific format, and you have to be patient enough to wait a little longer for response because all submissions get response within six months.


This is an imprint of Penguin that is open to manuscript submissions from authors direct. No agent is needed. This is not normal with many publishers, but a great opportunity for authors to deal direct with publishers. DAW is the most respected publisher of Science Fiction, and Fantasy.

They have published authors such as Marion Zimmer Bradley and Roger Zelazny.  They have published many bestselling books. They have published Hugo award-winning books.  It is respected and popular.

DAW novels vary in length.  They are rarely containing less than 80,000 words. Their response takes long time in case your book makes past the first reader.  For about DAW read the submission guidelines.


It is a digital first imprint of HarperOne, which is an imprint of HarperCollins. They publish eBooks and if it does well then they publish a print edition. If the book is more than 25,000 words, it will be available as print-on-demand book as well.  HarperLegend is seeking to publish a very specific kind of book. If they accepted to publish your work, you will be assigned an editor who will be a person with an email address, phone number, Facebook account, LinkedIn account, and Twitter handle, with whom you can communicate with directly. Your editor will tackle all your needs for all things moving forward in the publication process. It is important to go through guideline before submitting your work.

11 blogs, websites, and on-line magazines where writers get writing jobs that pays alerts

Writing can be fun, a well-paying job just like any other job, or to some, it is a hobby, but, all these depend on how the art of writing makes sense to you as a person, and why you write. If you w…

Source: 11 blogs, websites, and on-line magazines where writers get writing jobs that pays alerts