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    Call for Research or Academic Papers 



    If you are a researcher, and you are seeking for publishing firm or organization, below is a list of publishing bodies for academic research papers. Uniqueness of some these journals is that, they have a room to accommodate, and publish articles submitted in any field of study.

    The chances your work will be published are higher, so long as it is of required quality. The work to be submitted is purely academics research articles. For more details visit the website to get to know what kind of work they wish to receive from writers. There are more benefits, not just getting published, you can get connected to a very helpful peer groups of writers, conferences, and monetary too.


    In full it international Journal of Science: Basic and Applied research. This is a multidisciplinary journal. They published research from any    field, be it science, social science, Languages or business. It is reviewed by peer a group, hosted and published by GSSRR, The Global Society of Science Research and Researchers. IJSBAR is open for submission of scientific articles, in any field for 2017 publication.

    This is scholarly journal and you are guaranteed that the editor decision within 21 days of submission. This is based on the peer review results. The papers submitted have to be complete, unpublished and not under review in others academic journals or conferences. For more about topics IJSBAR website as more but most important to know is that topics are not limited to on list one the website.


    It is an American Scientific Research Journal for Engineering, Technology, and Sciences. It is multidisciplinary Global Journals, and is seeking papers with significant theme, of research contribution in all fields. They accept submissions of manuscripts and published within 2-5 days upon receiving it. Rejection notification will take 2-21 days. They receive the manuscript from online submission only. ASRJETS receive a fee of $105. It’s publishing and processing is easy and faster, with lower cost.

    For more on to submit your paper visit ASRJETS websites for instruction and you also download one of their past volumes, to check whether your work meets the quality they want.


    The IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It is the largest technical professional society in the world. It has over 400,000 members in 150 countries.

     IEEE GLOBECOM 2017, in Singapore Global Hub to Connecting East and West, from 4-8 December 2017.

    IEEE is seeking submission for a symposium papers, work shop proposal and a tutorial proposal for authors, in technical program. For industrial program, authors to submit an executive forum proposal and industry panel proposal, and an industry presentations and demonstrations proposal. In case your missed submission this year, it is an annual event you can prepare to submit for 2018.For more on how to register, visit ieee globalcom website.

    Twelfth international conference on interdisciplinary social sciences

     From 26-28th July, 2017

    International conference center in Hiroshima, Japan

     This year special focus is on cross cultural and global research interdisciplinary, as a practice as per their website. They are inviting proposal for paper presentation, posters and exhibits, virtual lighting talk, colloquia and virtual posters, to address the following themes: educational studies, Communication, Global studies, Environmental studies, Organizational Studies, social and community studies, civic and political studies and cultural studies.

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    Norad Calls for Concept for Concept paper for funding 

    Norad is seeking submission of proposals for its “Strategic Partnership for Strengthening Framework Conditions for the Private Sector” that is geared to stimulate to business climate, and promotes private sector development PSD. Application for funding is now open to the following countries: Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Myanmar, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Colombia.
    Area of project priority to include: agriculture, for example agro-processing, fishing and marine incomes, decentralized off-grid solution, and skills scarcities in renewable energy, and lastly, Information and Communication Technology ICT

    The call for concept papers could be funded up to NOK 50 million maximum, and NOK 5 million minimum.
    Eligible activities for this fund could be for training of skilled labor for an industry. It could be a group of companies with real documented needs.

    The project could be at the vocational level, higher technical or managerial levels. Industry associations, chambers of commerce and industry, would be lead applicants for this fund.

    Institutions that hope to improve access to SME-finance can apply but not microfinance and rural finance. Initiatives within quality improvement and certification for a sector, qualify to apply for funding. Non-profit institutions are main application for the funds.

    Some of the programs funded by Norad includes: Rights of Minority of faith and beliefs, women, peace, and security, job creation, Private sector development, technical and vocational Education and training, Civil society education among others, according to their website.
    Application is via website only. For more information go to:
    “Norad Call for Concept Notes”

    About Norad
    Norad is the Norwegian Agency For Development Cooperation that do quality assurance of Norwegian Development Cooperation. This Agency is a directorate under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Norad is charged with 5 main tasks, These includes: Quality assurance and monitoring, Aid advisory service, Grants Programs, Evaluation and Communication.handful-of-cash-1140x641

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    Call for paper submission 

    The international journal of humanities and social studies (IJHSS) is receiving papers for publishing, for their May. 2017 issue. They receive original works in form of empirical studies, case studies, theoretical articles, and meta-analysis, from professors, research scholars, and higher archivers.

    The deadline is on 25th of May, 2017.
    Publication date is 31st of May, 2017 for May, 2017 issue.
    Publication fee is charged, and this fee is to be deposited 3 days after payment is made.

    Corporate professionals to pay $80, this will includes publication fee, digital certification, and life time archiving.

    For Professors, scholars, and, student they will have to pay $65.

    For information on how to submit your paper, go to The International Journal of Humanities and social studies website. They received submission through email only.
    What they require most from your paper is originality, and they quality of your work. They love publish work of high quality work, they receive.

    About The IJHSS
    It is a monthly publication, and review of international journal of humanities and social sciences.

    The IJHSS acronyms according to their website, stands for The International Journal of Humanities and Social Studies.

    It is a voyage across the world as an academic Journal, and it is distinct in its experimental area. It is wide range of a broad range of leading schools of thoughts, its results, and interdisciplinary.
    Featured Image -- 753
    IJHSS is independent of its kind. It inspires latest research endeavor from research territory.
    They encourage all categories of learners, and learned ones from different levels of literary, and social studies to contribute their talent and innovation of social science subjects.

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    A call for artists worldwide to enter online exhibition 

    nature-art-wallpaper-1If you are an artist and you are looking for places to submit you creative work, The National Association of Women Artists and The Cube Art Project, are looking for you and your art, for consideration as well as exhibitions. Please apply before deadline. You can submit your work, or share this post with someone you know, who is an artist, and she or he is looking for audience to their art work.

     The National Association of Women Artists’ has announced a worldwide online exhibition for innovative crafts. Deadline is May 14, 2017. The show will run from June 1, 2017 through to August 1, 2017.

    People eligible for this art exhibition

    It is open to all The National Association of Women Artist members. Non-members women can also submit their work so long as they are 18 years and above. All applied arts will be considered. These will include: book arts, pottery, jewelry, stained glass, tapestry, mosaics needle-point, metal work, quilting, wood work, origami, basket weaving and papier-mâché.

    Awards and benefits

    They only want one winner, who will be featured on http://www.nawaonlinegallery.org, and her own page. The page will include biography of artist’s statement. There will be several images of her works, plus links to her own website. http://www.thenawa.org. Links to exhibition on the home page will be shown.

    Pay entry fee

    Members of the National Associations of Women Artists’ will have to pay $35 entry fee. And non-members will have pay $45 for two entries. For every additional entry up to 5 entries, you will to pay $10.

    How to apply

    Application is only done online. Every participating artist is allowed to submit up to five artworks. It must be artist original work. All communication will be handled The National Association of Women Artists, Inc. (NAWA).

    The National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) is the oldest women’s fine art organization in USA, founded in 1889. It is a exciting community of professional women artists. It strives to support its members and women artists in general, through exhibitions and educational programs.  NAWA members represent all areas of the visual arts. It includes photography, painting, print-making, video art, installations, en-caustic, mixed media and sculpture.

    The Cube Art Project

    They are seeking, animations, video art, motion graphics, video-mapping and sound visualization projects for screening on their large three dimensional monitor the Cube. This screen is seen by a larger audience, hundreds of people in day. It could reach tens of thousands people in weeks. This submission is open to amateur and as well as professional artists worldwide. It is a curated competition of artwork.  It good for a public art audience, extensive latitude in genre and in style will be considered.  Consideration is given to artworks that are of a formal, and visual appeal.

    Awards to presented to winners
    1st prize = $500
    2nd prize = $250
    3rd prize = $10

    participants submitting special project are given a stipend up to $1600 to cover expenses.

    How to apply

    You apply online only. Just type of Google search “The Cube Art Project” and click on apply online link. $5 entry fee is payable.

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    6 publishers that are now open to submission 

    Are you an author, and you are wondering where to send your Book manuscript for publishing? Please give it a try with the number of publishers listed below. You may land an advance payment for your work. They publish books on genre you are writing, or your friend or a relative is working on. I have reviewed these publishers because they have something to share with authors, and they have a good relationship with authors they have served before.

    Kensington Publishing
    Kensington is currently accepting Book proposal and queries. It is an independent publisher and it is based in USA. They publish a variety of mainstream, and fiction books. They mostly focus on romance. They do publish about 600 books a year. They receive, and accept a lot of submissions compared to other large and independent publishers. They accept query via email to a particular editor, who then editor passes the manuscript proposal to Kensington editorial board, but they do not pass it or resubmit to another editor. The query should be in the body of the email. For more information on how to submit a proposal, or a query letter, please go to their website. If you don’t hear from them, then it means the proposal or manuscript is not fit for their need.

    Quirk Books
    It is based in Philadelphia and publishes just 25 books a year. They receive query letters through a particular editor or through mail address clearly displayed on the website, submission guidelines. They do publish a range of genre from Children’s books, science fiction to nonfiction. They have an established marketing plan.

    Turner Books
    It has an established Headquarters in Nashville United states. It has been operating since 1984. Turner currently publishes about 3000 titles. Turner has a broad range of titles in fiction and non-fiction. These include business, cookbooks, romance, young adult, history, design, mystery, health and wellness, and animals, but not limited to the listed above only.
    They have grown by acquiring inventive content from existing and new authors all over the world. Turners Books publishes mainly in print with electronic publishing option though. Turner Publishing is accepting submissions of manuscripts, and book proposals. Submissions can be made by agents or authors directly.Note: Turner books will only contact you if they are interested in your manuscript.

    Persea Books
    It is an independent book publisher established in the 1970s. It has gained a significant reputation since then, it is publishing books in a variety of literary genres. Persea Books are open to both fiction and non-fiction submissions via the post address as well as email from authors directly.
    They receive queries regarding novels and novellas, short stories and short story collections, essays, literature, biography, literary criticism, memoir, and anything that would be of interest to the general readership of literary books, as well as educational books used in schools and universities. For more information, on how do you submission go their website.

    Chicago Review Press
    They are currently in need of Book manuscript Submissions. Chicago Review Press is an independent publishing company founded in 1973. Founders are Curt Matthews and his wife, Linda Matthews. Curt is former editor of the literary journal the Chicago Review. They are independent, and established publisher of literary, non-fiction, fiction, and memoir. They publish children’s books but not pictorial. It has grown over the years into a dynamic midsize publisher. They have more than 900 titles in print. Currently they publish around 60 new titles annually under five imprints: these include, Chicago Review Press, Ball Publishing, Lawrence Hill Books, Academy Chicago and Zephyr Press. For information visit their website for submission guides.

    Cedar Fort
    Cedar Fort is both print and electronic publisher. They are based out of Salt Lake City and are one of the largest publishers in Utah. They publish more than 150 books a year.
    They publish book from cookbooks to juvenile fiction books. They are a Mormon publishing company but publish books by non-Mormons. You don’t have to write a Mormon subject matter at all. And they are not interested in publishing books that contain profanity, violence, graphic, or sexual content. They reserve the right to remove it from your book in case they accepted it for publication.

    They are now open to submissions in most genres, but not interested in memoirs, travelogues, and biographies, defenses of Mormonism, children’s picture books, poetry, short stories, erotica, or romance. They are also open to publishing reprints. They offer advances up to $2,000. According their website, their editors are reputable and appear to do a very good job. Cedar Fort accepts submission through online submission form and you can sign up for your free account.

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    Nairobi Kibera slum gets affordable Internet connection 

    Liquid Telecom Kenya takes Internet to Kibera slum. Poa In partnership with Liquid Telecom Kenya has hurled a new Internet model, into the Kibera slums, drawing thousands of subscribers in just a few months.

    This is delivered using solar powered hotspots. In addition, the company has also provided free Internet access to Kibera schools, mosques, health centres, churches, and youth centres.

    Poa internet was established in August 2015.  It is now employing about 25 regular staff, mostly young people. Most of the employees are from Kibera slums selling Internet for as little as Sh10 for 25MB.
    The company’ is aiming at bringing millions of East Africans online over the next in the near future, using innovative technology and ‘kidogo’ (small) product pricing.

    “We are selling internet to individuals in Kibera at affordable prices, and have also provided free Internet to more than eight health centres, 20 schools, and 20 cyber cafes’ in the area” said Mr Andy Halsall, CEO of  Poa! Internet.

    Poa! Internet is using Liquid Telecom Kenya’s fibre infrastructure.  It is known as a local loop. From a connection near Kibera, to supply the internet to residents of Africa’s second largest slum.
    “Liquid Telecom is our partner in ensuring that the less privileged population of Kibera access the same  services and quality of  Internet as their counterparts in other parts of the country, and at an affordable cost”, he said.  The partnership is making a swift and visible difference, he added.
    “Internet has made life much better, with more youths engaging in businesses, such as cyber cafes, and shops where they are selling bundles. This has had a positive impact on these individuals and put great potential in their hands”, he said.

    The cost of accessing the internet using poa! Internet   ranges from as low as Sh10 for 25 MB to Sh3, 000 for 20 GB, in bundles that do not expire.

    Kibera residents are ensured that anybody in Kibera wanting to use high speed, high quality Internet can do so for just a few (bob) Kenya shillings according to  Andy.
    poa! Internet also provides its customers with free access to a wide range of digital content. This includes educational, healthcare, and other socially beneficial materials as well as sports, entertainment and news.

    “We want to ensure that the people of Kibera can get access to the latest information even when they don’t have cash in their pocket”, Andy explained.
    He raised seed funding in the UK to launch the business; on the basis that East Africa still holds huge potential for internet consumption. “We are targeting millions of subscribers in this region, if our plans go as scheduled,” he said.

    “East Africa is highly educated but still not everybody has access to internet.”
    This vision has seen Liquid Telecom Kenya name poa! Internet, as an outstanding example, of last mile development of the group’s the East African infrastructure.

    The launch and rapid rise of poa! Internet in Kibera represents a fulfillment of  liquid telecom, own purpose and vision too, after it had  invested heavily in the new Nairobi metro network,  so that it can provide up to 20 times more internet data across the city with high quality and reliability,  according to Mr. Ben Roberts, CEO of Liquid Telecom Kenya.

    He added that Liquid telecom was looking forwards to supporting poa! Internet initiative, as their business expands and rolls out to other areas.

    About Liquid Telecom
    Liquid Telecom Kenya is part of the Liquid Telecom Group.  It is the leading independent data, voice and IP provider in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. It supplies fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services to Africa’s largest mobile network operators, ISPs, financial institutions and businesses of all sizes. The company has won Multi-awards. It has built Africa’s largest single fibre network currently spanning over 24,000km across borders, and covering Africa’s fastest-growing economies where no fixed network has existed before. The company was named Best African Wholesale Carrier for the last four consecutive years at the annual Global Carrier Awards.

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    Free Freedom of Speech is A Thought 


    A free freedom of speech can make one win in an election or not win at all. When Barack Obama was giving his campaign speech, he told Americans, he will fight terrorism, and he will capture Osama bin Laden, dead or alive. He won with over sixty million votes, and over three- hundred college electoral votes. He, Obama knew what problems American population is facing.

    President-elect Donald Trump, had the same thought, as Obama, though two have many differences. He told voters in a difference version, that Obama has already allowed terrorists to enter American in the name of asylum seekers! And immigrants, So, Americans are not safe, and these others from Mexico, illegal immigrant have come to take American jobs and so, he Donald Trump wants to win to bring jobs back to Americans and flush out terrorists from United State!

    He knew minority votes is insignificant, his target was, a majority of white Americans who are affected by threats of terrorism and loss of jobs. This is how the slogan “to make American great again” became a magical charm to win, just like Barack Obama with “Yes we can”. Yes, we can! do what? Capture Osama dead or alive, and Americans live in peace.

    In an election campaign, you have to prove that, others, Indeed, done mistakes. Donald Trump had to prove to an electorate that they did a mistake to elect Obama to the oval office. He had shown an example in his campaign, the land Minnesota, belongs to white Americans who are the majority. What has the government done, to the land that belongs to white American? It has a located it to asylum seekers. What will happen if he Donald Trump wins? He will make America great Again.

    He did not give details on how to make American great again because the details might spoil. His was to show voters that, they did a mistake to put this government in power. Voters sometimes are like girls, they love when you lie to win their hearts. Girls, when a boy comes to meet them in a borrowed shirt or shoes, they understand the boy is serious to extend of even borrowing, to please them, and those others who boast of telling the truth about themselves are not serious. Girls love it even more when they learn that you telling a lie to draw their attention

    Approaching voters to ask them to vote for you sometimes, you need to do a bit word hooliganism for voters to understand what you are better, and be identified with them. For example, if you go to a place or states where the word fuck is mentioned after every any other word or sentences, please just speak like them, you win the votes. Did Hilary real try that? No, I was in election spiritually. Yes! Donald Trump did.

    When you are planning to go for a campaign rally in a certain place, just hours before that, you receive news that there was gun shooting where you are supposed to have you rally, and you immediately your cancel that rally, and the whole country is watching your moves, what does that tells the electorate? That you are a weak president? If I was in the shoes of Hilary Clinton, I could organize a full battalion of Marine Commandos and a fleet of media, in that particular County to show the world I am stronger and tougher, I am sure she could have won.

    My suggestion to next democrat to challenge the election of Donald Trump for his second term is to have something to tell Americans, something touching their lives, like terrorism, jobs or even the land issues. He or she will win magically just like elect President Donald Trump.

    One can even pretend that all Muslims in the United States are terrorist and if she or he win I will deport them to Asian, Middle East, and African, while at the back of his mind, he knows it is impossible just like Donald Trump, but you would have already touched the hearts and feeling of Majority of white American, while in your campaign teams you have a few Muslims who have win you minority Muslims votes. Call it winning feelings from all directions, Call it confusing voters, but that how real games politics is!

    American love peace and hate destruction of their properties and lives capitalized on that and you will win. To them what is important is their safety, you will be voted in, even if you are carrying loads of scandals on your head. Sometimes let “fucking” word come out of your clean mouth, of course, a professional lawyer, and human rights activist like Hilary Clinton, won’t let that happen, better lose in an election but live with her professional ethics and values.

    Hilary lost votes, not because of emails and private servers. Being a lawyer, a human right activist, she was a more qualified presidential candidate, but some who are not professional lawyers like her will ask who is a lawyer, a human right activist, and criminal justice advocates? The answer from people who not “professional”, will say these are the people who allow immigrants to take our jobs, our land and allow terrorist to enter our country! Oh! Please don’t make Jesus, I am just thinking.

    We winning an election in Kenya, if everybody else is giving money, you have to try something unique, like helping a mob to stone “a small thief” to death, in front of media cameras , you will win because you are one us. I say, small thief because big, bigger, biggest, huge and gigantic thieves live life at large. These bigger thieves speak a lot English, entertaining the public, and cat-walking…, this is not my small English; it is big English for His Excellency, Deputy President William Ruto. I will add that, they dance in and out of court till the case dies an artificial death, cases for these bigger thieves I mean.

    In Kenya it is opposite. There is more of hate speech than freedom of speech. There is more of ditching out money to voters than voters donating for the campaign of their candidate of choice like in the United States. Try in Kenya to contest for an elective post, and you never been mentioned in any scandal, you lose, because you don’t know anything if we help you win, how will we benefit if you don’t how to loot?

    You are supposed to know how loot, so that if we help you win, you, in turn, help us opening a window for us to loot! Or else we need cash money now. If a political does give we back -bite him or her. we will not vote for this one . Huyu ni Mkono Gamu!


    You see, how we normally commercialize election in Kenya. This is my thinking. I have failed to know why Kenyans elect back corrupt leaders.

    An American election is over. Till the end of four years term. Kenyan’s election will happen while Donald Trump is in office as a president of the most democratic country in the world. The president-elect is tired of getting news of looted money in government offices, and especially project funded by Americans taxpayers’ money. I have a feeling Trump can Bomb Kenya anytime from 20th January 2017. Trump might want Kenya to produce thieves of the Money the send to fund projects in Kenya.

    My appeal to a president-elect just to understand Kenya are thieves and know a better way of dealing with thieves, not bombing. These are not my words.

    “We are thieves, even while here in Israel, we are looking for something to steal”. said President Uhuru, while  he addressed Israel officials in Tel Aviv, in a televised speech to said President Uhuru, addressing Israel officials in Tel Aviv, in a televised speech to a whole world! And that is Kenya swallow a razor blade if you wish!

    So in Kenya, we vote clean leaders out because they are not part of us. Oh! My God this my thinking you can sue me this if you wish. Just like Hilary Clinton, a lawyer, a human rights activist, a woman with decorum and dignity, long government serving citizen, could not win an election in a more Democratic united States of America, because she advocates the rights minority, advocate criminal justice and a peace loving mother.

    Come August 2017, election, though I am not sure, because there is an underground movement among law -makers, that election be held in December 2017 and others say March 2018, is an end of their five years term. Yes, we elected them and must pay them and so, their payments made in full to the last microsecond and the last cent.

    We make laws anytime we want, and we can change laws and anytime we want. We do anything that will help us steal from the public. Oh! Just before I forget, Kenya might go for a referendum to change election dates, and election laws and legislators can claim a pay up to March 2018. We elected these guys for a five-year term, and maybe will opposition save taxpayers? I don’t know.

    Next election can go up to December 2017 if electronic voting machines are to be procured at least eight months before an election date. Or else we do manual way, we rig, and we fight again like 2007-2008. Now my questions, President-elect Donald Trump, Understands very well that we steal even in elections, will he help in any way?

    I am patiently waiting to hear congratulations messages from African to Trump after he emerged the winner in the toughest race ever contested in the most democratic nation in the world.


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    The East Africa Data Centre (EADC) has launch a $5 million Dollars Kenya Power substation in Kiambu County 

    The importance of this new facility was marked on Monday, 23th of October, 2016, in a launch ceremony for the new Kenya Power substation at EADC. In attendance to the launch were Hon. William Kabogo, Kiambu County Governor, the CEO of Kenya Power, Dr Ben Chumo, the CEO of Liquid Telecom Kenya, Mr Ben Roberts, and EADC CEO Mr Dan Kwach. EADC has gone greener in global competitive advantage, many thanks to Kenya Power’s energy mix.

    The $5 million Kenya Power substation, will Kenya moving to moves to renewable energy that has emerged as a competitive advantage for energy-intensive businesses. East Africa Data Centre is a facility set up to provide an environment to ensure the continuous running of communication equipment and application systems. The Data Centre is designed to ensure it provides the highest levels of availability to customers.

    EADC hosts critical data for clients. These include cloud services, and data back-up, on servers for heavy energy users. Combining data into a single premise is far more energy efficient compare to multiple individual on-site data servers. It is worth noting that data centers are still heavy energy users.

    EADC is a carrier-neutral data Centre in Nairobi. It is the largest and most sophisticated in East Africa, offering secure and reliable space for dedicated hosting, collocation, interconnect services, network-based services, applications, disaster recovery, and cloud services. A Tier Three data Centre is built to international standards and it is the only purpose is to build data Centre in East Africa. EADC is an independent company within The Liquid Telecom Group with a dedicated management team system.

    It is reported that Kenya’s Data centers Kenya last year consumed 7,800,000 MwH of electricity. 4,000,000 MwH was consumed by large and medium commercial and industrial users. EADC uses just one out tens of thousands of industrial electricity consumption. This is about 410 MwH

    Globally, data centers are now consuming some 3 per cent of the world’s total electricity supply. Their power consumption is growing at about 4 per cent a year. This is driven by some of the world’s largest data Centre users, like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple, as well as IBM and Microsoft.

    This has put pressure on for policy makers, with Google’s electricity consumption, alone, almost twice each year, and now running at around 3.2 Gw. In the US, analysts now estimate that the 91bn KwH and $9bn of electricity that data centres were consuming in 2013, will have become 139bn KwH and $13.7bn of electricity by 2020. These prompt a need for an extra 17 power plants.

    “As the growth and power hungry nature of data centers has moved into the public eye, there has been an increasing focus on data centers sourcing energy from renewable energy sources, so that they are not contributing to global warming,” said EADC CEO Dan Kwach.

    He added that, it has seen the world’s data centers required, increasingly, to demonstrate their green credentials to win international clients.

    Though there are more opportunities in data across the world, Marty Ward and Sean Derrington, article on IT today, wrote that, Data center managers are caught between a rock and a hard place. This is so because they are expected to do more than ever, including protecting rapidly expanding volumes of data and a growing number of mission-critical applications, managing highly complex and wildly heterogeneous environments, meeting more challenging service level agreements (SLAs), and implementing a variety of emerging “green” business initiatives.

    Challenge for data centers, globally, has few options exist to generate enough renewable energy for Centre individually. However, two-thirds of Kenya’s electricity now is generated from renewable sources. The country has therefore moved into a leading position in clean power, compared with other African nations and global energy mixes.

    UK, renewable energy now accounts for around 25 per cent of the electricity supply. South Africa, it accounts for less than 10 per cent, Egypt is working to meet a target of 20 per cent of its electricity sourced from renewable energy by 2020, and Ghana to reach a target of 10 per cent. EADC’s shift to more Kenya Power electricity push it up the ‘green’ ladder as a green data Centre, powered by a higher percentage of renewable energy than other data centers in Africa, and making it more appealing for environmentally consciously global..

    Before the launch of substation, EADC was using Kenya Power electricity for 85 per cent of the time, and diesel-fuelled back-up generators for the other 15 per cent of the time, during national grid power outages.

    The new substation means East Africa’s largest, and most sophisticated data Centre, based in Nairobi, is now on mains electricity 97 per cent of the time, substantially cutting its diesel consumption, and raising its green credentials. The move to secure 97 per cent availability of Kenya Power’s remarkably green electricity has now positioned the data Centre as an exceptionally sustainable option, offering it a competitive advantage over data centers elsewhere in Africa according to CEO Mr Kwach.

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    African Bank narrows loss to R2.8bn 

    Cape Town-South Africa – African Bank, which collapsed in August last year, said on Friday it narrowed its loss to R2.8bn in the six months to end-March from a restated R5.9bn in the previous comparable period.

    The bank, now under curatorship, said in a statement earnings were negatively impacted by a declining advances book, due to lower monthly disbursements and the paydown of loans.

    The early paydown of loans by customers decreased income from operations by 20% to R6.2bn, compared to the prior reported income of a restated R7.7bn.

    Although the credit impairment charge improved compared to March 31 2014 it remains high, principally due to the deterioration in the advances book that existed at curatorship date, African Bank said.

    The reported bad debt charge of R5.4bn decreased by 37% compared to the restated R8.5bn charge reported for March 2014.

    Operating costs rose by 4% to R1.38bn from the prior period of R1.32bn, primarily due to the increased costs of curatorship including restructuring and legal and advisory costs, offset to some extent by a lower cost base through natural attrition of staff and specific cost control measures implemented by management.

    Interest expense decreased by 5% to R2.28bn from the prior period of R2.4bn, due to slightly lower average liability balances compared to the comparative period.

    The bank said curator Tom Winterboer remains of the view “that losses will persist for the foreseeable future and accordingly has not raised a deferred tax credit in the income statement and deferred tax asset on the balance sheet in respect of the six months ended 31 March 2015”.

    “While these results are disappointing, they are in line with our expectations. The restoration to profitability and subsequent achievement of acceptable investor returns in the ‘Good Bank’ will take time, effort and commitment,” Winterboer said.


  • Kosiyae Yussuf 10:38 am on 30 Apr 2015 Permalink |  

    International brands retails shops find business opportunity in Nairobi 

    East Africa retails sector has attracted international brands retails shops like The Foschini Group Carrefour and LC Waikiki. Betty Musyoki, Director of Portfolio Management and Client Services at Broll Kenya says despite slow growth of retail growth in the neighboring east African states Kenya continues to attract foreign investors.
    She cite Citi Group report that says Kenya is the second most developed retails market in the sub-Saharan African and south Africa leads. “Apart from having a growing and stable economy, the biggest driver of retail in Kenya is the rapidly growing middle class that does not shy away from spending.” Betty added.

    Betty Further said the real estate construction boom has witnessed introduction of modern retail space. This offers world class shopping experience and presents growth opportunities for local brands. It is also paving way for the entry of international brands such as Carrefour which is to open their first two outlets in Nairobi in the last quarter of 2015.

    Broll is involved in a number of retail projects in East Africa. These projects include two Rivers, The Hub and garden City mall in Nairobi, as well as Market Shopping Centre in Kigali Rwanda and Penninsula Mall in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

    The Hub is a mixed-use development measuring 31,000m2 and it opens in this year. Anchors include as Carrefour and Virgin Active. Broll is involved in the leasing and will manage Buffalo Mall that was opened in February this year with Tuskys as an anchor. The mall has a GLA of 8,000m2. The mall has an area of 8,000 meters square.

    Garden City mall is situated along the Thika Superhighway is the mixed-use development under Broll leasing and management covering an area of 56,000 meter square. The mall is set to open on 28th may this year with Nakumatt, Game, Tile& carpet and Victoria Court.

    Broll Kenya is now mandated to lease retail and office component of the development as well as manage the mall and the estate. Betty said. Two Rivers is a mixed-use development allocated along Limuru road covering an area of 94,500 meter with 65,000 meters set for retails shops. The remaining 25,000 meter square reserved for offices. Virgin Active is taking up to 4,500 for Gym.

    The retail component opens for trade in October this year with Truworths, Mr.Price, LC Waikiki, The Foschini Group, Woolworths and KFC. Two Rivers along Limuru Road bordering the Northern Bypass is 14km from the CBD. It is close to the UN headquarters and a number of embassies. Its catchment area includes the neighboring affluent areas of Spring Runda and Gigiri.

    “This is an important development because Nairobi is East Africa’s premium development destination and Two Rivers will provide a new state-of-the-art, sustainable and well managed mixed-use urban node set on 100 acres of prime land.” Betty said.

    Betty Musyoki points out that the trend is growing trend in mixed-use developments in Kenya. Popularity stems from the fact that these developments offer retail, offices, residential, and entertainment all in one parcel of land. Mixed-use developments offer a sense of security, convenience and cater for the needs of the modern buyer or user. She added that from a retail perspective, residential and offices feed into retail and create a guaranteed footfall and customer base.

    Broll is sponsor of the East Africa Property Investment (EAPI) Summit since its inception in 2014. It believes in the value, that an event of this nature provides for investors but also to real estate professionals.

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