11 magazines and blogs that publish work of Art and Design

For writers seeking to make money writing, I have compiled below, a list of eleven magazines and blogs, you can submit your work for a pay. Some pay as high as $800 per article. It is good for authors who love to write about the beauty in the art, and design, and the people behind this beauty. You may not be writing about these themes, but you know of a friend or a network who does write about it, please share.

How magazine

It is a magazine for graphic designers. It discusses business and graphic design industry. About 80 percent of its published article is work written by freelancers. This publication is always on lookout for articles that discuss industry figures, trends, and challenges facing it. To be on a safer side, first read there published work, and get to familiarize yourself with the theme they want to publish, then submit a pitch of your work including your recent published work or written samples. You can also email your work direct to their editor. They pay from $200 to $800, depending on writers’ experiences, quality of work and expertise.

The Artist’s Magazine

 It Publishes, interviews, lessons, and discussions about to artists, their work of art, and artistic processes. They accept queries for intriguing articles, discussing the work of art in an engaging, knowledgeable manner. Their payment ranges from $300 to $600 for features. For more check their submission guidelines, they have downloadable submission guidelines. The Artist’s magazine is among 50 magazines run and managed by F+W media.

 Pastel Journal

 It national publication, and it covers the pastel medium. It serves both professionals and hobbyists. It publishes everything, how-to guides, and even detailed interviews. They prefer   queries. Their pay a rate is $600 for features. Get details by visiting submission guidelines.

Western Art and Architecture

It is the magazine for art collectors and art lovers. It is based in the United States. They pay a rate of $400 to $600 per article. They receive submissions in various ways. These including artist profiles, In the Studio, home features, illuminations, and Collector’s Eye. How to submit is clearly stated in their guidelines. Send your query to concerned editors, and do not forget to familiarize with theme they are looking for.

Watercolor Artist

It is published twice a month. It is magazine for water color artists of all skill and levels. They seek queries for features and for columnists.  Payment for writers depends on the length, and completeness of the article you have submitted. For features, they like to match the artist with the writer. They accept queries for articles on any specific artist, whom the writer has contact with. They advise writers to specifically write about the artists’ techniques, and from the artist’s viewpoint. The use of language of art is emphasized, and you are required to submit images of your work or of the artist you are writing about. Payment varies but, up to $600 highest. For more read their submission guidelines.

 The Graphic Design School Blog

It is a blog that publishes tutorials, and educational articles, discussing professional graphic design. Payment rate is from $100 to $200 per post. They accept online submission, through form on their website. Or submit your work through email clearly displayed on their submission guidelines page. Please read submission guidelines before submitting your work.

 Smashing Magazine

 It Covers web design and programming. They are seeking for valuable, ideas, tricks, tips, and techniques, for the web developers. You negotiate with the editor on Payment. Before your article goes online, you have to have agreed on the payment.  For more read their submission guidelines.

 First American Art Magazine’s

Its goal is to foster a critical dialogue that is about Native art.  Their aim is to bridge the gap between academia, and the general public.  The work of art is presented from an indigenous perspective, according to them. They pay up to $525 for work accepted. They are seeking submissions from established experts in the industry. For more read their submission guidelines.

 The Polymer Arts

It is a quarterly publication, and discusses the polymer clay medium, in depth. They accept queries for articles covering news, tips, technique, and more.  Payment is 5 to 10 cents per word.  For a thousand words article, you can be paid up to $100. For more go through their submission guidelines.

 Ceramics Monthly

It is dedicated to studio ceramics, clay-based art. They welcome to submission to any of the magazine’s numerous departments. It covers everything from studio visiting craft tips. They pay $0.10 per word.  For Techno Files, and Glaze articles, they pay a flat rate of $250.  For more read their submission guidelines. Please don’t forget to familiarize with what Ceramics Monthly publishes, before submitting your work.


It is a quarterly magazine, and it is devoted to art in the Asia-Pacific region. Every issue is themed, and it covers the cutting edge of modern art.  Payment is 35 cents (AUD) per word, which means approximately about $130. For more, read their submission guidelines.