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18 steps to writing a book proposal for a writing grant scholarship


Having a book idea is not enough. You need more than just being audacious. Winning a writer grant scholarship or contract to write needs a well communicated selling point, and the message is send right through a well drafted book proposal. It is not just a matter of lifting a pen, and landing it on a page to publication. Even before having a well written and polished manuscript whether it is for a fiction or nonfiction, as a writer you need to think about a book proposal.

Below are eighteen steps to writing a selling book proposal.

First is Title page

It is the simplest but every important. It contains the title and subtitle, separated by colon. It can also be separated by a new line, and then a by-line. For example: A Proposal by, then name of the author.

Second is Contents

It contains a list of chapters and…

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