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Kenya’s leading water Davis & Shirtliff and Dow Water and Process Solution have put a join effort together to kill germs in water to make it safe for drinking.

Kenya spends an estimated KSh27 billion yearly in treating of easily preventable water-borne diseases, according to 2014 findings by the Ministry of Public Health. Access to clean and safe drinking water is major challenge in Kenya. It is reported that 80 per cent of health issues in Kenya attributed to illness from poor water and sanitation, according to the United Nations Development Programme.

“The water challenge is considerable in Kenya and both institutions and home owners are constantly searching for solutions that best fit their situation. This has demanded that we develop innovative approaches to accessing clean water, and bring in world leading technologies such as Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration from Dow,” said Alec Davis, CEO of Davis and Shirtliff during the official launch of the partnership

Davis and Shirtliff, has unveiled partnership with international water company Dow Water and Process Solutions to see the incorporation of high-tech water treatment solutions to meet the need for safe and affordable drinking water in Kenya.Dow Water and Process Solutions is to provide its high technology Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis products to Davis and Shirtliff, complementing the Kenyan multinational’s offering of unique water solutions for both homes users and institutions.

Reverse Osmosis is a process used to filter solvents, bacteria and viruses out of water using semi permeable membranes. The use of membranes is removed virtually all dissolved solids and micro-organism from water making it totally pure and safe for drinking. It is a procedure particularly suitable for treating salinity and in applications in manufacturing to purify water where needed be.

Ultra Filtration is a highly effective treatment process suitable for silted waters. It filters down to 0.02micron. This purity produces potable water to international standards without adding any chemical. The process removes solid particles and macromolecules from raw water. It is done by passing raw water through thousands of tiny hollow fibers in a filter cartridge. This is to produce a filtrate free from suspended solids and pathogens.

“These are safer alternatives to conventional filtration, which does little to eliminate the threat of harmful micro-organisms, and chemical water treatment, which alters water taste and can be hazardous for water used domestically. Water treated through reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration is excellent for commercial use, and both processes produce water suitable for consumption,” said Mr. Davis.

The launch was held in a Nairobi residential site adjacent to a river, which was highly turbid due to the ongoing rains. It was addressed by Dow engineers Fabian Creus and Javier Sanchez, visiting specialists from the Dow engineering centre in Spain.
They explained the technology and the application of the products. Davis & Shirtliff designed and assembled UF plant was demonstrated. It was taste the effectiveness by comparing the raw and treated water quality. Davis & Shirtliff and Dow team drank the treated water to prove to participant that it was safe for drinking.  They were later joined participants who commented on its good taste!  

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