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Kärcher and Alibhai Shariff have wind up Green Clean campaign at the East African Safari Classic Rally 2013

Kärcher, along with their local dealer partner, Alibhai Shariff, have wind up their Green Clean campaign at the 2013 East African Safari Classic Rally on a high note. The two partnered in providing eco-friendly cleaning services to the rally teams at the Amboseli stop on Day 5 of the event.

Kärcher, a family owned enterprise, is the world’s leading provider of cleaning technology. It employs 10,000 people in 60 countries and 100 companies. More than 50,000 service centers in all countries ensure continuous and comprehensive supplies to customers all over the world. In 2012, Kärcher reached sales of 1.92 billion Euros with 10.8 million units sold, the highest number of quantities in its history.

Riding on a 100 year history, Alibhai Shariff has built a reputation for stocking quality products and accessories from all over the world. With its sole commitment to creating beautiful, quality spaces for work and living. Its mixed of products and related services are specially designed to support growth across several industries. It partnerships are carefully chosen to ensure that we continuously stay ahead with new product ranges, developments, technological advancements and innovations. It has experienced a journey  taking part in the 2013 East African Safari Classic Rally here.

 The two partners shadowed No. 49, a Datsun 240Z driven by, Asad Anwar and navigated by Kashif Shaikh in first half of the grueling ten-day event. The Green Clean campaign saw cold water high pressure machines being used to clean cars, tyres, parts, and sump guards using only 20% of the amount of water that would ordinarily be needed.

The first cars the team received at the stop were: Stig Blomqvist (No. 5), Ian Duncan(No. 3) and Gerald Marcy(No. 6), in that order.  Car No. 49 was cleaned at around 1100hrs. Rafiq Shariff, CEO of Alibhai Shariff explained that the energy was good; the drivers and our teams interacted well with each other. We only needed to assemble our washing bays, and the Kärcher machines were ready for use. It was certainly an ideal situation for the touch-and-go timetable and the tough terrain.
 “We received very positive feedback about our service. The teams wanted to see us at every service stop which was not possible for this Rally, but will hopefully be for the round in 2015.” Added Rafiq.

It was savings on water usage, with the  cold water high pressure cleaners: the G.4. 10 Petrol and the HD 6/15 C introduced into the market in 2012, provide savings on electricity consumption. As part of its corporate strategy, Alibhai Shariff will continue to seek partnerships with Companies like Kärcher whose innovation in design and functionality promotes the  efficient use of resources.

“We provide the best value for our customers in terms of quality and costs. As a Company, we also see a lot of value in promoting the use of pioneering technology that will help preserve the environment and its precious resources that we use,” Mr. Shariff explained.
Kärcher, courtesy of Alibhai Shariff, can now add East Africa to the list of global rallies on which it has left an indelible mark. Kärcher has given support to rally teams at some of the most iconic global events, including the world-famous Dakar Rally, where over 3,000 washes were carried out.